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Own a slice of a pizzeria franchise
You'll love to call your own

You’re invited to own a piece of the multi-billion dollar pizza industry! Not only will you enrich the lives of your community, you will invest in a fulfilling and rewarding future.

Pizza Industry

The $44 Billion Pizza1 Industry is Booming

41% of Americans eat pizza weekly2

93% if Americans have eaten pizza in the last month!3

Americans love pizza. It’s the number one favorite comfort food. And our enduring appetite for a piece of the pie continues to evolve. As a Riko’s pizzeria franchise owner, you can help shape the industry as well as your future.

Take Advantage of a Business Model That’s On The Rise

Satisfy demand for a piece of the pie - Our signature thin-crust preparation keeps customers coming back for more.

Earn customer favor – Fresh ingredients layered onto our pizzas please even the most discerning customers, again and again.

Streamline operations – Evolving technologies, including online ordering, delivery options and loyalty programs, improve efficiencies.

Count on multiple revenue streams – Growth opportunities include lunch, dinner and late night dayparts; a range of food and drink offerings; deliver service; and gift card and rewards programs.

Appeal to all ages – Neighborhood residents, families, millennials, Gen Xers and Zers, and everyone in between can find happiness with a range of menu items.

Give back to your community – Generosity through philanthropic service makes a difference in the life of your community and your own.

You also can take advantage of the support of seasoned- and passionate – management team working with you, every step of the way.

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2. Hynum, R. (Dec.2016). Pizza power 2017. A State of the Industry Report. PMQ Pizza Magazine. http://www.pmq.com/December2016/Pizza-Power-2017-A-State-of-the-industry-Report/

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