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Harold Kestenbaum, https://franchiseatty.com/ one of the nation’s foremost franchise attorneys claims, "A good training program lays the foundation for a successful franchise company.  Franchisees can be great players, but if the coach is not motivating, teaching & driving those players, your team will not succeed … you need great coaches and a great playbook! Great franchise trainers and great operations manuals are key to franchise success.”

Riko’s® Pizza’s search for a great “coach and playbook” led them to retain Fred J. Kirvan of FK consulting for strategic guidance and development. As a result of that alliance, Riko’s® training and support program offers comprehensive support to franchisees through detailed instruction, immersive training, and on-going support that continues for the life of the franchise relationship. It reflects Riko’s® owners’ strong belief that a franchisor/franchisee relationship must be grounded in trust, respect, and on-going communication to succeed.

“First and foremost, a well-developed system supported by a comprehensive training program gives the franchisor/franchisee relationship a solid foundation setting clear expectations from the start,” explains Mr. Kirvan. “It also makes available, tools to help owners manage the day-to-day business while giving franchisors the ability to monitor and coach those owners to achieve the best results based on those tools. All the manuals and the tools comprise a system that is simple to implement and helps manage consistency among the restaurants.”

Operations Manual: A living document

The all-important confidential operations manual – actually a suite of manuals – is the bible outlining in detail the where, what, when, why and how of the Riko’s® franchise organization. But as Franchise Growth Solutions owner, Gary Occhiogrosso suggests, “Creating the operations manual is not a one-and-done, cookie-cutter process. For all the know-how and specific details that go into developing the original operations manuals, the end result is not a finished, final product set in stone.”

Fred J. Kirvan agrees. “A successful operations manual is a living document that will continue to grow and evolve as the concept and systems mature and as market trends change. It makes sense that as the business grows so will the processes and systems. A good franchisor is always updating and sharing information so franchisees will have the innovations and tools to succeed. Riko’s® understands the need for essential information at the outset and the need for continued investments in updates for the future.”

Guidance from the outset: location, location, location

New franchisees benefit from Riko’s® knowledge of target markets that are prime for the Riko’s® experience. A Site Selection and Survey manual guides them through the complex process of identifying and evaluating a future location. The full Construction and Design manual helps them hire an architect, get the building plan approved, hire a GC, outlines all the needed equipment and sources at the best price. A series of system tools including the New Store Opening Checklist, Contractor Invitation to Bid Forms, Vendor Approval Forms, Store Turnover Checklists help franchisees through the pre-opening construction phase

Comprehensive training system: Immersive and on-going

Franchisees participate in an immersive five to six week-long training program that is designed to cover every aspect of owning and operating a Riko’s® franchise. Trainees start at Riko’s® modern training center in Stamford, Connecticut. They connect with the people behind the brand. They learn firsthand how Riko’s® functions, sounds, and feels in the new prototype Riko’s® . They experience the state-of-the-art kitchen process that allows virtually anyone to produce the Riko’s® product with minimal skills and short training and ramp up time.

Flexible, interactive training modules instruct new owners from A-Z on full kitchen operations, recipes, “front of house” guest services as well as the components necessary to effectively and efficiently manage a Riko’s® franchise business – from inventory to cost control to proper employee onboarding.

Onsite training: 14 days at your site

Corporate training is followed by on-site training that ensures the concepts and principles flow easily into the reality of day-to-day operations at the new venue. The agenda is tailored to the franchisee’s needs, experience level, and specific questions. Riko’s® includes an evaluation for feedback that helps owners assess their readiness. When a franchisee has mastered the program and developed the skills and confidence to open a Riko’s® venue, corporate support is on site to ensure a successful grand opening.

Ongoing support and communication

Open lines of communication and on-going contact with Riko’s® management ensures a team approach and prompt support for answering questions, devising strategies and solving problems as they arise. Owners are never left to “figure it out” on their own. Experience and support is a phone call or email away.

Technology: Tools of the trade

No business can achieve its goals without the aid of technology. Riko’s® franchisees gain access to technology that is second to none. Built on a unique platform the POS (point of sale) system tracks not only sales but other essentials like product mix, delivery statistics, inventory, employee schedule management, customer data capture, loyalty program, gift card and much more.

An impressive and comprehensive package.

Riko’s® hefty investment in outstanding training and support sits squarely in the plus column for franchisees. On-going franchisor/franchise owner involvement, excellent quality control, confidence-building training, consistency among venues, and professionalism at all phases add up to greater guest satisfaction and that ultimately leads to greater profitability, everyone. Riko’s® got it covered. All systems GO!

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