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Franchising Riko’s® Style … Long Island, NY and Beyond


Franchising Riko’s® Style … Long Island, NY and Beyond

Long Island residents will soon be able to satisfy their pizza cravings with the thin crust pizza that has earned impressive growth and success for the Riko’s® pizza chain since the first location opened in Fairfield County Connecticut in 2011. Riko’s® owners have proudly announced the award of a franchise to 19 Doughballs Inc. for a Riko’s® full-service restaurant in Levittown, New York projected to open late summer to early fall 2019.

19 Doughballs president, Frank Sciremammano maintains, “Riko’s® is a Connecticut institution based on a simple formula: fresh food and time-honored recipes, rustic décor and attentive service, and affordable prices with a neighborhood feel.” “We looked at hundreds of concepts and kept coming back to Riko’s® consistent quality of product and welcoming and superior service,” explained Sciremammano.

Just as Rico Imbrogno and Luigi Cardillo have been diligent about developing the Riko’s® brand and their turnkey restaurant concept over the past seven years, they have taken equal care to develop a franchise process that is thorough and transparent utilizing the best business practices to ensure the success rate for both franchisee and franchisor. Co-owner, Luigi Cardillo claims, "It’s essential that this long-term relationship gets off on the right foot and stays on track for years of mutual success."

Inside the Franchise Process

In the digital, information-laden world, prospects find their way to Riko’s® in numerous ways. An internet search for pizza franchise restaurants, postings on Linked In, Facebook, lead portals, as well as trade shows, trade magazines, and press coverage can lead potential franchisees to Riko’s® virtual door. Once there, the potential investors find a process that is uniform, professional and designed to identify the best fit between potential pizza restaurant owners and the Riko’s® brand.

Historically, when an interested party contacts Riko’s® at https://rikosfranchise.com for franchise information, they have done preliminary due diligence. From there the process can go quickly or slowly based on a prospect's interest and timeline. In general, it is a two to four-month period from the initial interview to executing a final contract. Highly motivated partners can complete the process in as little as six to eight weeks.

Getting to know you

Riko’s® generates an immediate text response to acknowledge an inquiry for information. A representative follows up to set up an initial phone interview. During that call questions are answered and general information is exchanged. A successful call concludes with scheduling an appointment for a franchise specialist to guide a prospect through the application phase

Once an application is submitted the process moves forward with a face-to-face meeting or phone conference between a prospect and Riko’s® executives. This is an in-depth exchange covering finances, operations, location, fees, a visit to a Riko’s® venue and product tasting. The objective is simple: to orchestrate a lengthy “first date” to evaluate whether business styles, cultures, and expectations are aligned

With a green light from both sides, Riko’s® tenders a formal Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD): a legal offering to the prospect. As the prospect reviews the offering with their attorney, Riko’s® and their professional franchise experts are available for clarification and/or additional questions. No future franchisee goes through the process alone! Only after a prospect is fully informed, has consulted legal counsel and is satisfied with answers to any additional questions is the process finalized and a franchise awarded.

Next step: The all-important franchise site location selection. Coming in our next blog

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